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Band Roller, Pedestal Band Roller, Ring Roller, Pedestal Ring Roller
- Band roller / Ring Roller is ideal for rolling steel band and other slim parts into reel.
- Band roller / Ring Roller is easy to assemble and operate.
- Floor mount, 6 pin position follow dies, Knurled upper die, flange bearings for upper die.
- With hydraulic bottle jack, long handle for easy turning.

band roller
Band Roller / Ring Roller

Model WBJ
Capacity Can roll circles 8" in diameter and larger
Can roll material as heavy as 3/8" by 2" or 1/2" by1" hot-rolled or mild steel flat stock
N.W. 38kgs
G.W. 40kgs
Package Size 850x330x215mm
20' Container 440pcs
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Band Roller / Pedestal Band Roller / Ring Roller